My April Stitch Along week 3

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For this week's stitch along I had another two choices to make. First, either abstract or object and secondly, light or dark. I was going to use abstract but Marilyn challenged me to do object so that's what I decided to do with a light fabric. I selected an off-white color and thought butterflies would look rather nice so I set about making them.

If you are like me, you always have trouble making symmetrical objects the same on both sides so here's a little trick I do. I draw just one half of the butterfly onto fusible but cut a piece of fusible large enough for the full butterfly. I press the fusible onto the fabric (wrong side of course) and then fold it right down the middle of the butterfly. With the fabric folded I cut out one half of the butterfly, cutting through both layers.folded fabric to cut butterfly

Now I just open it out and I have my butterfly with perfectly, well almost perfectly matching wings.butterfly folded our flat

I made three of these in three different sizes and placed them in position on the background. I tried to avoid the decorative stitching because I thought it might show through the write fabric. Once I was happy with the position, I pressed them in place.three butterflies positioned on background

To me the butterflies looked a little dull so I decided they needed a little touch up with paint. I added a dab of pink tones around the painted edges on butterfly

I added in a few darker spots as well and for the larger butterfly I added in a little yellow which created an orange edging.three butterflies with their edges painted ready for stitching

Now it's time to stitch. My favorite part. I used a free-form zigzag around the edges of the small butterfly first.smallest butterfly edge stitched with pink thread

But that wasn't enough so I touched up with white to gain some highlights.smallest butterfly touched up with white thread for highlights

For the next butterfly, I started with the white around the edge and body, then changed back to the pink thread to add the details. next butterfly has white edging with pink highlights

And for the largest butterfly, I stitched in lines, body and antenna with black thread and used orange to zigzag around the edge and add details.largest butterfly is decorated with orange and black thread

Looking at the entire block shows the orange butterfly stands out best. The other two are rather lost in the distance.

all three butterflies stitched with orange butterfly most dominate

so I felt I needed to enhance the smaller pink butterflies which I did by stitching around them in butterflies have black edges to make them stand out more

I think that looks better! You can check out the full block in our April gallery.

Which butterfly is your favorite?

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