My February Stitch Along week 1

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Stitch Along February is already here. It is always fun starting out a fresh challenge. Do check back to the rules if you want to join in, I hope you do! February week 1 rules.

I started pulling out some fabrics thinking about the photos I posted, but they were really too busy. Then I remembered I had some hand dyed fabrics that would probably work quite well. I hunted through them and finally settled on this dusky pink fabric, thinking it's not really a color I would use too often so why not go with it. stitch along feb15 w1 a

I plugged in the light box to make it easy to draw. With the light on and the printout underneath the fabric, you can see how well the lines show up now!stitch along feb15 w1 b

Then I used my favorite silver quilting pencil to draw in the lines... do you know how difficult it is taking a photo with your left hand while holding a pencil in your right and trying to push the button on the camera.... which is on the right side?? Awkward for sure.stitch along feb15 w1 c

Now the fabric is complete with outlines drawn in.stitch along feb15 w1 d

The last thing left to do is gather some yarns and threads. I found quite a nice selection as you can see here.stitch along feb15 w1 e

I wonder what they others gathered. Let's find out in the new gallery.


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