My February Stitch Along week 2

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I am all set to get started with this week's stitch along. First up, I had to layer the sections with sketched fabric on top, batting in center and a backing. I used the same hand dyed fabric for the back.stitch along feb15 w2 a

I cut some lengths of the thickest yarn and laid them out on the most predominant lines. I made them a little longer than needed to prevent them getting caught under the foot at the start and so I had a tail to hang onto at the end.stitch along feb15 w2 b

I thought it might be fun to use a contrasting thread, just to see how it looked against the dark yarn so I threaded up with a light tan color. Then I selected a stitch to couch the yarn in place. I decided to try something a little different and found this herringbone stitch to use. It looks like a lattice. Perfect.

I stitched the two short pieces of yarn on first...stitch along feb15 w2 c

and then trimmed off the ends. These will be covered by the longer piece which I'll be putting on next so I didn't want them exceeding beyond the drawn line.stitch along feb15 w2 e

I changed the thread to a darker color for these horizontal lines.stitch along feb15 w2 f

Now I have the five main lines couched in place. Time to add some more!

I cut a few lengths of another yarn. This one thinner than the previous. Then I auditioned them on the background to see how they would look.stitch along feb15 w2 g

I used a purplish colored thread since this yarn had a purplish tinge to it and I also changed my stitch to a long zigzag. The stitching went much quicker but I did need to slow down for the swirly piece.stitch along feb15 w2 h

I shortened the stitch length a little for the swirl too, just to make it a little easier to sew around the curve. Here's a closeup.stitch along feb15 w2 i

But my swirl looked a little lonely, so I decided to add one more in the open space at the bottom left.stitch along feb15 w2 j

Can you tell, I'm having fun with this? Now I'm wishing my block was bigger so I can continue on. I bet there are a lot of different stitches I could test out!

You can see the finished result in the gallery.


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