My February Stitch Along week 3

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Week three of the stitch along is all about stitching, not that we didn't do any last week, but this week is free-motion which is my favorite. I started out by looking at my thread selected chosen in week one and decided the threads weren't quite the right color so I chose another couple. A dark olive green and a pale pink, which was just a tad darker than the fabric.two new threads selected - olive green and a pink

I started stitching with the olive thread, in between the two yarns, giving it a bit of a three-d look. Then I changed to a dark brown and stitched along side the thicker yarn.stitching along the edges of the couching

Next was the pink thread and I used this to quilt down the area through the middle where the first swirl was. I quilted backwards and forwards keeping the angle the same all the way stitching packs down the background fabric

When I got to the swirl I made the decision to continue stitching right over it.close up of the couched swirl with free-motion stitching over it

I stitched in two more areas below this in the same way but changing the angle slightly.two more panels stitched in free-motion

Because the swirls was pushed down a little with the stitching, I thought it would look better outlined in dark brown. Yes! That made it stand out well.outlining on the swirl gave it definition

With the dark thread still on, I added a stitched swirl near the top swirl stitched with regular thread

That gives it a little more balance. Here is how it looks overall.stitch is almost complete, swirl is added and just two more panels to stitch

And one more swirl down the center.another swirl in the center panel is added

I finished off by adding some wavy lines the remaining section. Check out the gallery to see.

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