My February Stitch Along week 4

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Welcome back to the last week of February Stitch Along, that certainly went quickly and I had a lot of fun with this. Today was no exception as I finished off my coaster set. At first I wasn't sure about cutting up my stitching but once I got underway, I wished I had more to cut up!

First of all I printed and cut out the template shape. I decided to go with the square coaster with rounded corners. I lay the template on the my stitched block but realized I couldn't see the placement well.stitch along template placement 1

So my solution to this was to do what I often do when fussy cutting, use the excess paper from the template and use it as a window.stitch along - new template window

This way I can see where I want to cut each coaster out. stitch along template placement 2

I can come up with some pretty cool placements...stitch along template placement 2

stitch along template placement 3Unfortunately my block wasn't all that big but I could still move the template around and find suitable positions.

Once I'd made the final decision, I cut out four.four coasters cut out

Now just to finish off the edges. For this I wanted to use the dark yarn I'd couched on top at the beginning of the challenge. I changed to a zigzag stitch and tightened up the top tension a little so the bobbin thread pulled up a little. I was hoping by doing this that it wouldn't flatten the yarn or pull it down over the edge. I was trying to create a slight rim like effect to the edge. I also used a contrasting thread - the light thread I used on the first couching I did. I was pleasantly surprised at the result. coaster edged with yarn and zigzag stitching

Now I bet if I'd tried to get that effect, I would never have been able to!four coasters completed with edging

I completed all my four coasters. They all lay flat and smooth with a rimmed edging. I might just need to make some more of these!

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