My January Stitch Along week 2

Posted by Ruth on 11 January 2015 | 1 Comments

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I have to say, I had lots of fun this week with my stitch along. My only problem was the fun ran out too soon and now I need to wait till next week to continue. I hope you didn't miss the rules, here they are just in case: week 1 and week 2

I'd already pressed the fusible to the back of my warm colored scraps so all I needed to do was trim them up ready to use.

stitchalong jan w2a

trimmed scraps ready to use

I hadn't realized at the time that it was a good idea to remove the paper from the back of the fusible before I cut them up! Good thing was, I could share that tip with you first before you did yours after I had to painfully remove each little square of paper from mine, but I have to admit, it is great finding those little haha! moments.

stitchalong jan w2b

I used free-hand rotary cutting to cut up my scraps

I cut my scraps into rectangle shapes using free-hand with my rotary cutter. This is a lot of fun by the way so if you haven't tried cutting free-hand do so. What's better than cutting a straight line? A curvy one!

The next step was to scatter my rectangles on my dark square and press them in place. Of course, it wasn't until after they were pressed that I had another little haha! moment and that was try to avoid the center. I'm not going to tell you why right now, but because I knew where I was heading, I thought it made sense so I know you're going to have a bit better experience with this challenge than I am, but then, a challenge is a challenge and it's good that it is that for me too.

stitchalong jan w2c

I scattered warm colored rectangles around - pink, red, orange and yellow

Now for the fun.... connecting the dots, as I mentioned in the rules. First I backed my block with stabilizer to prevent puckering because I knew I'd be stitching between the shapes as well as on then. Then I threaded up the machine with a variegated thread and began to stitch using free-motion.

I first started stitch around the edge and curling to each rectangle. I didn't try to be careful... this is to be fun after all so why work hard at getting it perfect when I didn't have to. That's just too much concentration and too much seriousness. The more I stitched, the more I relaxed into it.

stitchalong jan w2d closeup

basic edge stitching done free-motion

I went from stitching around the edge to adding a line through the center...

stitchalong jan w2e closeup

diagonal stitching

and then an extra triangle or loop...

stitchalong jan w2f closeup

top-stitching over the shape

to a zigzag...

stitchalong jan w2g closeup

the variegated thread worked well to create this zigzag

And before I knew it, all the shapes had been stitched over.

stitchalong jan w2 gallery

finished stitching done with free-motion

Now that went way too fast! What do you think, should I make another?

How did you get on? Let's check out the gallery for some fun blocks from the others... January Gallery

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  • Thanks! This is also something I teach in my applique classes. In the example above, it is best to remove the fusible first so you are not dealing with lots of little pieces.

    Posted by Ruth, 23/02/2015 11:19am (6 years ago)

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