My January Stitch Along week 3

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Week three is already here for our stitch along party. Can you believe it is going this fast? Be sure to check out the gallery this week, I've added new entries.... and also remember to check back to the rules if you missed them. Here is this week's again: Week Three.

The first thing required this week was to make a circle of the small cool colored fabric square. I did this by folding it into quarters and curving off the point. It doesn't make a perfect circle but that's not the object here. I won't end up as a circle when we are finished anyway.

stitchalong jan w3a

Trimmed small square into circular shape

With the circle already fused, I just pulled off the backing paper and adhered it to the center of the larger cool square. Then I stitched around the outside just to make it secure.

stitchalong jan w3b

Small circle adhered and stitched to larger square

I didn't do anything very fancy with the stitching of this block. With variegated thread, I just used free-motion to stitch in a big spiral.

stitchalong jan w3c

free-motion spiral

Next it was time to cut.... first both squares through the diagonal.

stitchalong jan w3d

Warm colored block cut in half

stitchalong jan w3e

cool colored block cut in half

And then with the markings drawn on the back, I cut one warm colored triangle into pieces....

stitchalong jan w3f

Oops a booboo!

oops, booboo! I accidentally cut along the first line that was only suppose to be the guide. Oh well, I'll just stitch it back together. It won't really matter too much.

Next I cut one cool colored triangle into quarter sections. At least I got that one right!

stitchalong jan w3g

Cool Colored triangle cut up

So here they both are cut up. I haven't joined up my mistake, but I will in time for next week. Hope you didn't make the same booboo! I'll be watching for your entries in the gallery.

stitchalong jan w3 gallery

My two triangles are cut into pieces

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