My March Stitch Along week 2

Posted by Ruth on 9 March 2015 | 6 Comments


stitch along mar w2 aI have to admit, I'm rather enjoying this stitch along challenge. I wasn't sure which selection I would be working with until the very last minute. If you missed the post, it turned out to be Sea. I used the fabrics for my Sea theme and cut some strips using free-form rotary cutting. So much easier than lining up a ruler for accurate piecing. I intentionally made the cuts curvy.

Just as a reminder, if you missed the rules for this week you can find them here: March Week 2 rules.

Now I can carry on with this weekend's stitch along...

Since I like aqua colors with orange, I decided orange and white would make some nice contrasts so I selected just two fabrics, one of each.stitch along mar w2 b

Then I cut my batting and backing fabric, roughly 12" x 12". The great thing about these challenges is that I can use up my leftover batting scraps, you know all those sides you cut off when making a large quilt? These is ideal. My batting wasn't quite 12", but that's okay.

I began laying the strips across the batting. The curvy edges create the movement of the sea so I made sure any straight edges were covered and naturally, my strips were positioned from side to side.stitch along mar w2 c

I added more strips to cover the entire batting.stitch along mar w2 d

In fact, I'd cut enough strips to make two blocks. So I decided I might as well make two and went ahead by cutting another piece of batting and backing fabric.

As I finished layering the second block, I noticed a small gap between two strips where the batting was showing. I'm not sure you can see that well so I enlarged that section.stitch along mar w2 e

We don't want any of these gaps, but instead of adjusting all the strips again, I cut a narrower piece to cover it. This also mixes things up a bit by breaking the full lines. I added a second shorter section lower down too.stitch along mar w2 f

Now I have two Sea backgrounds ready. I'm liking this free-form designing!stitch along mar w2 g

Next it was time to decide on a simple object to add. The orange fabric gave me the idea of a Nemo fish. They are just so bright and colorful that it was the obvious choice. I sketched one roughly.stitch along mar w2 h

I used my sketch to draw the outlines onto fusible webbing and then press it onto the orange and white fabric. Of course, I needed to make two since I'd made to blocks. I made one reversed just for fun.stitch along mar w2 i

After cutting all the sections out, I removed the backing paper from the white sections only and pressed them in place on the fish. They are starting to look like Nemos!stitch along mar w2 j

However, as I looked at them, I wondered if they were a little small for the block. I'm kind of thinking two on a block look good. What do you think?stitch along mar w2 k

Of course, that would mean I need to make two more for the other block or make something different. How about you decide for me? Shall I put one or two Nemos per block? 

After you've commented below with the answer, remember to check out the gallery.

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  • Great colours ... I'm learning lots from seeing photos of how you are all doing ..

    Posted by Marilyn, 12/03/2015 2:04pm (6 years ago)

  • Love the comments! Thanks. I'm getting more and more ideas on where I want to go with this....

    Posted by Ruth, 10/03/2015 6:16pm (6 years ago)

  • I like the two fish per block but I would do an octopus on the second block.

    Posted by Sara, 10/03/2015 6:06pm (6 years ago)

  • Love what you've done with your block. Two fish look good but I agree with Doe, if you're doing several blocks mixing up the number of fish would be very effective.

    Posted by Amanda, 09/03/2015 10:01pm (6 years ago)

  • I like the two fish on the block but I don't think you need two on every block. Maybe some blocks with one fish and some blocks with no fish at all! How do you feel about some assorted greens for seaweed and some bubbles added with quilting stitches? Just a suggestion so some blocks could show off your freeform sea style!

    Posted by Doe Harden, 09/03/2015 5:41pm (6 years ago)

  • Adorable idea; very simple & effective. Two is cute!

    Posted by jen, 09/03/2015 6:42am (6 years ago)

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