My March Stitch Along week 3

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This weekend I needed to make a final decision on whether to use one or two Nemos on my blocks. I also needed to decide some sort of vertical line, or lines perpendicular to the strips as per this week's rules.

The obvious was adding seaweed and I had the perfect yarn to make it. In fact, I found three different yarns. I really like the colorful one on the right which is Fun Fur - confetti. stitch along mar w3 a

So with those decisions made, it was time to start stitching. Because there are so many beautiful colors in the water, I thought a variegated thread would work well for stitching the strips. I used this one which has lots of different colors, but a little hard to see in the reel.variegated thread for stitching strips

Here are my two blocks stitched. I used free-motion and a technique I call soft-edge applique. blocks stitched using soft-edge applique

I cut out another Nemo so I had two swimming in the same direction and pressed them to one of the backgrounds. The other will have one.two nemo fish pressed to the background

Then I used a free-motion satin stitch to stitch the orange edges down. I use a narrow zigzag but work with the free-motion foot on and the feed dogs down. I like this free-form stitching better than the regular satin stitching so it gives a little ruggedness to the edges which I think looks more realistic. orange sections stitched using a free style satin stitch

I added an eye and mouth as well using free-motion with straight stitching selected.

Next I changed to white thread and did the same along just the 'fish' edges of the white sections. Notice how I dragged the threads from one section to the next. This saves time and thread as I do not need to stop, snip and start over all the time.white stitching added - dragging thread from section to section

When finished, I trim all the threads off. This won't work so well if you are a pull-thread-to-back kind of quilter because at times the ends are just not long enough to pull through and knot.white threads trimmed off

Now it is time to add the black along the remaining edges of the thread added to Nemo

And lastly, the black along the edges of the fins, but this time I go back to straight stitch and rock the fabric back and forth to create the zigzag. This is more irregular than the method with zigzag stitch and is truly free-form. black edges fins

How do you like my Nemo? I have posted the full block in the gallery. While you are there, check out the other entries.


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