My March Stitch Along week 4

Posted by Ruth on 22 March 2015 | 1 Comments


This week I have been having fun with more stitching. Stitching is my favorite part of course, although lately you'd be thinking that cutting up was seeing as I've been doing a lot of that in challenges. It's fun and it takes you unexpected places which just adds to the challenge.... well I'm getting a little off track here so let's take a look at what I did this week for my Stitch Along.

I'm still debating whether to add bubbles or not, which was one of the ideas I suggested in the rules this week. What I did do however was add stitching to the fins of my Nemos. I think that has changed the look of them quite a bit.applique nemo fish with stitching on fins

I also couched on the bright colored yarn for seaweed. I used invisible thread for this, which of course you cannot see in the photo.Couched Fun Fur yarn as seaweed

This "Fun Fur" is really fun to work with so I added some blue as well which you can see on the right side of the block. It isn't quite as obvious as the colored yarn which creates depth and block with finished fish and yarn attached for seaweed

With that block finished, I went on to do the same with my other block. I'm not sure if you noticed last week, but I used a different orange thread to stitch around the fish on this block. I think I prefer the darker thread fish block uses lighter thread for stitching around nemo, seaweed yarn added

Now that I have two blocks completed, I really need to join them. What do you think? I'm thinking of adding some sashing but can't quite decide which fabric to use so thought I'd audition them here so you could help me out.

two blocks with light sashing

light sashing

two blocks with medium sashing

medium colored sashing

two blocks with dark sashing

dark sashing

So what do you think? Light.... Medium.... or Dark?


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  • Lovely blocks, tough choice but I think the dark sashing has the edge.

    Posted by Marilyn, 26/03/2015 5:40am (6 years ago)

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