My March Stitch Along week 5

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The fifth Sunday of March and we come to the end of another Stitch Along challenge. I had a lot of fun with this and was even going to continue on and make more blocks, enough to make a quilt. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen right now.

stitch along mar fish block finishedSo to finish off the two blocks I made, I decided to try something a little different. Raw edge binding, but not the raw edge I mentioned in the rules, this is another technique which I use from time to time, especially on art quilts with raw edge applique.

I cut strip just like I would to add a border - two sides and a top and bottom. I stitched the sides on first, but instead of stitching them to the front, I stitched them to the back and pressed them out. Then I put the top and bottom on and did the same thing. The most important thing when doing this is in the pressing. Make sure you press it well when you are using this technique.

With all four bindings in place, I then fold them over to the front.... sides first, then top and bottom. Now I just edge stitch them in place to match the raw edges of my water strips.

Here is the second block showing the steps as I go. First, the sides are stitched onto the back and pressed out...stitch along mar w5 - side bindings in place

Now the top and bottom added and also pressed out. Noticed I also made wavy edges on this one. I did that on purpose with the rotary cutter.stitch along mar w5 - top and bottom binding stitched on

With the bindings are pressed over to the front and edge stitched in place, stitching around them twice.stitch along mar w5 second block finished

I figure if I want, I could make more blocks and just fancy stitch them together. Of course, they'd have to all be the same size to do that.

Well that was a fun challenge. I hope you'll be joining me in the next one. Be sure to check out the rules this Thursday!

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