My Stitch Along August week 2

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This week I needed to select one of my designs to work with. I really like the black, red and white one, so that is what I will use. In the rules this week, I mentioned how to make a card window so you could select an area of your design to work with. If you missed that post, you can find it here: August Week 2 rules.

Today I'm going to do that same process mentioned in the rules a little differently. Instead of using card, I'm going to do it using my computer and I'll show you how in the video below. All you need is a photo editor like Photoshop or GIMP (the latter is free to download) and I suggest you know a little bit about layers, although I think my explanation in the video gives you an understanding of that anyway. You can use any photo editor that works with layers, the principle is the same, the terms and icons I use may be a little different. I'll be demonstrating using GIMP. You can work along with me, but first you will need to crop your photo of your colored page to get started.

By the way, this way of designing is very addicting, be warned, you will discover a whole lot of wonderful new quilt designs to make. Note: I didn't edit this video at all so you can see exactly what I did, mistakes as all. When using any of these programs ctrl-z is your best friend (this is the shortcut for undo).


I must say, I did get a little carried away. I could show you pages beyond pages of designs I created, but I'll just stick to three.

The first is using the cutout vertical. (note: I changed the background color of the page so you could see the white card in the photo... probably should have changed the card in the photo!)

 colored page under cutout window - design focus is straight

The second I twisted the cutout a little. You can see where I made the card opacity less dense so the background coloring showed through just enough to help me with positioning the card.colored page with design focus twisted

The third is when I went way out and added a third layer. This was fun but I won't be using this design for the challenge.colored page with design focus enhanced

I like my second design best so I'll be working with that. First I need to crop down to that inner rectangle and then set it square with the rotate tool cropped and twisted back to vertical

I also enlarged it up to page size, around 11.5". It didn't quite fill the entire page but that's okay. I printed it off and then headed to my fabric stash to select some fabrics.

Check out the gallery to see my fabric selection.


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