My Stitch Along August week 4

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I cannot believe we are on week 4 of the challenge and I have not started stitching yet! No problem, designing and preparing are a lot of fun too. Of course, stitching is my favorite so I'm ready to begin.

First up, I used the lightbox to draw the stitching lines onto my background fabric. My background fabric is a white on white with cats. The lightbox really shows the cats well and also my design sheet that is laying under the fabric.using a lightbox to draw design on background fabric

With the lines drawn on, I can then pin my applique sections in place. I've left it on the lightbox so you can see the lines more clearly underneath.applique pieces are pinned in place on background

With all those pieces pinned in place I can begin stitching. Normally I use an invisible thread for this type of applique, but I've decided I might use matching thread instead, just to see how it works. I will use rayon threads because they are finer than my cotton threads. I will only need red and black. The photo below shows these on the left and a smoky invisible nylon thread on the and red rayon threads and invisible nylon thread

I select a blind hem machine applique stitch - well that is what I call it. It is a stitch that sews a straight line and then jumps out to the left every few stitches. The idea is to stitch along side the applique shape (not on it) and the stitch that jumps out, catches the applique and hold it in place. I refer to this as a 'bite' into the applique shape. Technically, all you should see is a tiny little stitch that catches the applique shape. When using invisible thread, you really do not see this at all. The rayon thread might show, but we will see. I used a stitch width of 1 so it is very narrow.

I started stitching all the black sections first, that is with the exception of the piece on top of the red sections stitched using invisible hem stitch

Looking at the back, you can actually see the stitching a lot better as I used a different color for the bobbin - a light beige.stitching on the wrong side

Before adding the red piece, I removed the freezer paper from the pieces already attached. To do this, I slit the fabric on the back being careful not to cut through the paper, trim the seam allowance down to less the 1/4" and then gently pull the paper out from the back. If the paper gets stuck, all I need to do is spritz it a little with water to wash away the glue. Even though the freezer paper has tiny little stitches in it, they are right on the edge so they neatly pull away.removing the freezer paper

I find it easier to remove the paper now before I add layers because sometimes where they do not align perfectly, the paper gets stitched more than I want thus making it hard to remove.

Here's how it looks on the back with the paper removed and the seam allowances all trimmed. I haven't trimmed back the circular area yet, this is where the last two pieces are attached.removing the paper and trimming seam allowances

After removing the papers, it's time for a good press before moving on to that red section.

I'll need to change thread here section stitched in place

With the red section on I only have one last piece to add, that tricky black section. First I need to remove the freezer paper though. I find it easier to clip into the seam allowance at the corners to get the paper out.clip the seam allowance into the points to remove paper

Lastly, I stitch the top black section. This time I used the smoky grey invisible thread. Can you see it?black section is stitched using invisible nylon thread

I need to remember to stitch the inner hole too and then I'll be ready to remove the paper from this final piece.last black section stitched

Another press and I'm done for this week. I'll leave the embellishments for next. You can see the full project in the gallery.

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