My Stitch Along for June week 3

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It's been a busy week for me so it was quite nice to relax into my stitch along project today. I had an idea of what I was going to do for the stitching, so I jumped right in. 

I decided to change out my thread choice and use colors closer to the flowers I created last week.a new thread selection

I started stitching the inner petal sections using a matching blue thread, but first I removed the center circle. I figured that would make it easier to stitch and move from petal to petal.

First I stitch just on top of the blue section...first stitching inside raw edge

then just off the edge...second stitching on raw edge

I didn't worry about being too accurate as I think it adds more interest over all.

Before changing out the blue thread, I decided to do one more round, this time midway in the dark section of the petal - echoing the blue - so there is my word "echo" for this week.third stitching on dark fabric

I like that effect. I completed the first flower and then moved onto the other two. This time I did all the blue stitching on one petal before moving onto the next. That sped things up a little. Here is how the three flowers look.all inside petals stitched on all flowers

Now I changed to the bright pink thread. I thought it might be interesting to stitch the dark section using this as well as the outer stitching over outer sections of petals

I used the same pink thread for all the flowers.petals stitched in blue and pink thread

For the center I stitch three rounds in stitching on center three rounds

I tried stitching a gold ring further away from the center as you can see below, but I didn't care for that so ripped it out again. extra stitching around center

Here is a closer look at the stitching. I think the blue and pink stitching on the dark makes it blend through the petal better.closeup of stitching

This is how it looks with the flowers all stitched.stitching on the flowers finished

Now onto the leaves. I used just the light thread to double stitch around both sections of each leaf.stitching on leaves using the light thread and stitched around twice

I was going to echo some leaves with stitching, but cannot quite decide whether to or not.... and I still need to add in the "sparkle". I think I will leave that till next week. In the meantime, you might like to make some suggestions on how I should "sparkle" up this project.

The full photo can be seen in the June Gallery along with some of the other progress pieces. Be sure to check it out.

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