My Stitch Along for June week 4

Posted by Ruth on 28 June 2015 | 2 Comments


This week I needed to include my sparkly element. I had selected two threads last week but didn't use them so now was my opportunity to make use of them. I decided to use the green Sulky Holoshimmer thread and echo the leaf shape.two shiny threads - sulky simmer and metallic

However, instead of threading the machine up with the thread I decided to use it in the bobbin. By doing that it is less likely for me to have issues with the thread breaking or snagging. Because the thread is in the bobbin and I want it showing on the front, I'll have to do the stitching from the wrong side. This means I can easily draw on the back with a fadeaway pen without worrying about it re-appearing. leaf drawn on back of the quilt

I left the light green thread on top which, of course, will appear on the back.leaf stitched on back with light green thread

Here's how the front looks with the green Sulky thread.leaf stitching with sparkly thread on front

I stitched a total of 6 leaves.all leaves stitched with sparkly thread - 6 in total

The leaves are rather hard to see so I decided to fill in the background with free-motion pebble stitch. I used a variegated thread. I made a motion pebbles in background

It took longer than I thought it would, but I did get it motion pebbles finished

Here is a closeup of the pebble motion pebbles closeup

Now all I need to do it add the binding. I was thinking of something a little different. I added the binding just as if I was going to add a border. Two strips for the sides and one each at top and bottom.binding attached around all edges ready to turn to back

Then I folded the binding over to the back, but didn't tuck under the raw edge, instead I left the raw edge free. I selected a decorative stitch and stitch along the binding on the front.decorative stitching on binding

The stitching secured the back and because I choose a zigzag I was able to trim the raw edge close to the stitching and leave it at that. I could add a little fray check if I felt it was going to fray out, but I think it will be fine.stitching on binding on back and raw edge trimmed

The finished piece is in the Gallery. Let's see who else has sent photos in.

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  • That's great to hear Barbara, glad to see you taking part. Your piece was great - hope you checked the gallery :)

    Posted by Ruth, 29/06/2015 7:55am (5 years ago)

  • Ruth, Thank you for doing these monthly stitch along projects. It challenges me to keep trying new techniques and to be creative.

    Posted by Barbara, 29/06/2015 7:49am (5 years ago)

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