My Stitch Along for May Week 5

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The final week for May stitch along - where have the days gone? ... not to mention the months already this year. Well the good news about that is, we get to start a new stitch along. I'd better get my thinking cap on!

So this week it was binding and label. For these small products I do a quick machine binding - actually, I made it super easy by wrapping the backing around to the front. I cheater's version!

Here's how I did it:

First I trimmed the batting close to the front without cutting the backing fabric. I made sure that was well out of the way before trimming with my rotary cutter and ruler.trimming the batting even with front

Then I trimmed the backing fabric about 1" from the front. This gives a little larger than a 1/4" binding, probably more like 3/8". I'd sooner have a little more to fiddle with than not enough!trim backing 1 inch from front

I whack off the corners, leaving a good 1/4" from the point.trim corners leaving enough to turn in

I double fold over one edge and pin it in place.fold in one side to cover raw edge pin

Then make the first half of the fold on the second edge.fold in second edge halfway

Fold over the corner...fold in the corner

Then finish folding that second edge in place.finish folding in second edge to make a perfect miter

This makes a great mitered corner. I hold it in place with pins and then top stitch it in place.binding is top stitched in place

Easy peasy!

So with that completed, on to the label. I cut out the leaf shape from my template, making it a tab larger to give me enough room to write. I used fusible webbing on the back which also helped hold the fabric while I wrote on it with my fabric pen.label written with fabric pen - stitch along May 2015 - by Ruth Blanchet

Right up until I'd written on it, I wasn't sure how I would attach it. I had thought about pressing it to another piece of fabric and stitching it on by hand. Usually I would place two edges in the binding, but that wasn't possible with the type of binding I used.

So I figured, why not just press it onto one corner with the least amount of stitching. This is what I did. I put dark brown thread in the bottom to match the brown fabric on the front and also threaded the needle with brown. Then stitch around my leaf twice.

Here's how it looks on the front. You can just see the stitching.label stitching on front corner

And here's how it looks on the back.label stitched on back

I might even add some further stitching in the other corners just to finish off.

You can check out the gallery for the finished project. 

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