My Stitch Along for October Week 2

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Did you know, I love applique? Much more exciting to me than patchwork, so this week is a lot of fun. I started out by using Inkscape to draw myself a cauldron template and a witch template, which I then printed out. While I was drawing the logs under the cauldron, I found a cool spiral tool that was perfect for the log ends. You can see them in the photo. That really made the logs come to life.

templates drawn for witch and cauldron

With my templates printed out, I drew them onto fusible. These large templates are quick and easy to do, not too many pieces. As I got started with the witch, I realized I had not reversed her, but figured it didn't matter so much for this as she could be flying either direction. I did reverse the cauldron though.

templates drawn onto fusible webbing

I roughly cut around the shapes and pressed them onto the back of the fabrics I selected last week.

drawn fusible web pressed onto back of fabric

Then pressed them in place on the backgrounds. First the witch...

fused witch cut out and pressed onto yellow fabric

and then the cauldron...fused cauldon cut out and pressed onto purple fabric

Now for my favorite part... stitching, but before I get started, I added some stitch-n-tear stabilizer on the back so the fabrics wouldn't pucker while stitching.

I stitched the witch in black using free-motion and also the cauldron. Then I changed to a rayon thread that was a color in between the orange and yellow fabrics I had used for the flames. On the yellow fabric the thread looked orange, but on the orange fabric it looked yellow. I like the effect.flames around cauldon are edge stitched

I added some extra stitching to enhance the flames a little....

added stitching on flames

.... then I stitched the logs, adding in the swirls. I didn't draw them on, just stitched by eye as it looks more realistic I think.swirls on logs stitched

Now all the stitching is complete. You can almost see the bubbles rising from the cauldron!

stitching completed on logs flames and cauldron

With that done, I can now go ahead and remove the stabilizer. First the outer section...

stabilizer is being removed from back outer edges first

.... and then the inner, which makes it easy as it tears along the stitching. I do hold my fingernail against the stitches just to prevent it tugging too hard on them. I don't want to pull them out of shape.stitch n tear tears away easily

Here is how it looks with all the stabilizer removed from the witch block.

all stitch n tear is removed from back of block

Now I'm ready for next week. I'm looking forward to it, are you?


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