Stitch Along August Week 1 rules

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The first thing you need to do this week is examine your design and decide which parts you want to piece or applique, stitch and embellish. This can be a lot of fun. Here is an example of how I might create one of my designs.

determining techniques used to create this design

You can see I only have a little bit of applique here and that consists of the two large yellow rings and the blue section at the bottom.

I can use bias binding to create the wide red and navy lines, although looking at that pointy area on the navy line, it could cause me some problems. Alternatively, I could use cord couched in place. Or I could even modify the design to make it easier to assemble.

The narrow red outlines can be stitched either by hand or using the machine - I usually prefer the machine because it is much quicker, but long stitches by hand could work too. An alternative for this would be to simply draw them on with a fabric pen.

So this would become your creation plan. Plan how you will create your design then go ahead and create any applique you need. Use either fusible webbing or whatever method you prefer and make the pieces.

Draw the design on your background fabric using a quilting pencil or removable marker. A lightbox would be helpful, then fuse or attach the pieces in place. Remember, if you are using bias like I mentioned above, make sure they are positioned in place before you add your applique so the ends are covered. 

Have fun! 

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