Stitch Along August Week 2 rules

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How did you get on with your coloring page? I had a lot of fun with this. If you missed the instructions, be sure to check back and download the page from Week 1 rules blog post.

Week Two Rules for August

This week you need a piece of card. Any card will do, cereal box, manilla folder or even just a piece of paper if you don't have any card.

In the center of the card, draw a 3" x 4" rectangle.3" x 4" rectangle drawn on Manila folder ready to cutout

Cut the rectangle out without cutting through the sides. Then place the cutout area over your drawings in different locations to highlight sections of the design. Each time, take a photo of the design. Here are two that I did as an example.hole in manila folder positioned over colored page

hole in manila folder centered over drawing

Once you have a number of photos of different designs, load them onto the computer. Select one or several and crop the design down to the 3" x 4" rectangle. Then enlarge the design back up to page size or the size you want to make into a small art quilt. This will be your design to work with.

Lastly, section some fabrics to represent each of the colors in your design. They don't have to be exact.

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