Stitch Along August Week 4 & 5 rules

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Have you drawn the design onto the background and created your applique pieces. Perhaps you have a different method that doesn't involve applique, such as foundation piecing, that's okay too.

This week we will concentrate on the stitching and embellishing. Stitch all your pieces in place to secure them using your choice and method. The stitching can be done before or after you layer the sections together. I often like layering first and then do all the stitching so I'm actually appliqueing and quilting at the same time, however this week I will demonstrate a different method where I stitch first before layering. How do you prefer to do it?

If you find you have a lot of stitching to do, we have an extra week in August so we will just extend over another weekend, but do send in a progress photo for the gallery for week 4. Then go ahead and finish off your project and send another photo of it completed for week 5. 

creative quilting and appliqueHere are some things you might try on your project over the next two weeks:

  • quilting
  • couching
  • decorative stitching
  • pen decorating
  • embroidery by hand or machine
  • embellishments  

 What will you create?

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