Stitch along February rules part 2

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Did you miss week one of our February stitch along? If so, check out the rules and get started. It certainly won't take much to catch up. And when you are done with that, then continue here with the rules for our second week... 

Rules for February Week 2

stitch along feb15 w2 rule1Grab yourself a piece of batting a little larger than the fabric square you drew the sketch on as well as a piece of backing fabric. Layer the three together - drawn fabric on top, batting and then backing. Secure the layers so they don't move either with pins or temporary spray adhesive. 

Using your thickest yarns couch in the heavier lines of your sketch. Couching is easy enough, select a zigzag or fancy stitch to stitch over the yarn to attach it - I added an example of how it is done to the right. Some machines have a couching foot, so check to see if yours does as this helps not to flatten your yarn or cord. Otherwise, an open-toed embroidery foot works well. Select either a matching or contrast thread to your yarn for the stitching. I used contrast in the photo so you could see, but you can use matching if you prefer. Do a test run first if you haven't couched before or wish to test out thread colors.

If you have a slightly thinner yarn, use that to couch in the less heavy lines of your sketch.

If you don't have any yarns or cords to use, consider using a satin stitch or heavy decorative stitch to do the same things. You will probably need some Fray Check or similar to prevent the stitching from coming undone. 

That's all that is required for this week. Just couch in those sketch lines and you're done, that it.... but of course, remember to take a photo and send it into the gallery too.

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