Stitch Along January part 1

Posted by Ruth on 1 January 2015 | 2 Comments

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Yes, my Stitch Along Challenges are back. I hope you will join in the fun and create some wonderful small art quilts. If you are not into art quilts, then just turn them into cushions or pot holders for ideal gifts throughout the year or make a little stock pile ready for Christmas gifts. To the right you can see one of my finished projects from 2014.

Whatever you choose to make, it's just fine. Play along, try some new techniques, practice free-motion or decorative stitches or even perhaps some hand stitching. The idea is to have fun and be creative, so let's get started.

Rules for January Week 1


  • some scraps of warm colored fabric - and I mean scraps, 1" - 4" square is all you'll need. 5 or 6 fabrics is fine. You don't need a lot.
  • one 12" square of dark fabric. Get as dark as you can. Your warm colors should contrast it.
  • two cool colored fabrics - one needs to be light, you'll need a 10" square of this and the second should be a little darker than the first, a 6" square is required of this.

You'll also need some fusible and most likely some interfacing - preferably the none removal kind. I like the iron-on type in a medium weight. 

Cut the fusible up to fit the 6" cool colored square and all the warm colored scraps (don't make too many), then press them to the back of them.

Last thing you need to do is choose some threads. Select a cool color to go with the cool colored fabrics and ONE warm colored thread to go with the warm colored fabrics. 

That's it for this week. Easy-peasy. Remember to send me some photos so I can add them to the gallery. Sure hope you'll join me.

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  • Looking forward to new ideas.

    Posted by Nancy Mathisrud, 11/01/2015 10:03am (6 years ago)

  • Will join

    Posted by Carol esch, 04/01/2015 9:48am (6 years ago)

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