Stitch Along January part 2

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It is time for Week Two rules of the January Stitch Along. Are you ready? If you missed week 1 you can find them here: Week 1 Rules - they are quick and easy so won't take you long to catch up. Join in the fun!

Rules for January Week 2

stitchalong jan w1dIf you forgot to add the fusible to the warm colored squares last week, make sure you do that first before starting.

  • Trim off any edges of your warm colored scraps that have no fusible and discard them - remove the backing paper first if you can still easily see the edges or after they are trimmed, but before the next step.
  • Cut the scraps into small squares or rectangles - no more than about 1" square or 3/4" x 1-1/2" rectangles. Don't measure them, just guesstimate.

    Note: If you have not used your rotary cutting freehand, give it a try here. The pieces don't need to be accurate at all - it's lots of fun but do be careful to keep your fingers well clear of the cutting path!

    As an extra challenge cut triangles or circles instead.
  • Scatter the small sections cut above over the dark background - tip avoid the very center of the background
  • Optional but recommended: Add a permanent interfacing to the back to help prevent puckering as you stitch. A light to medium weight works fine and if you have it, use iron-on. It stabilizes the fabric better in my opinion.
  • Now play "connect the dots" - using your warm colored thread, stitch all over this block tacking down the shapes as you go. If you want to, you can stitch around the shapes separately but also add stitching to the dark background. It's a great time to practice some free-motion!

That's it for this week. You should end up with one colorful block on a dark background. Now the question is, what shall we do with it? You'll find out next week!

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