Stitch Along January part 3

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Did you check out the Gallery this week? Don't miss out, it's fun to watch it grow. And if you missed the rules last week, check back to Week 2 rules - now on to week three and the cool colored fabrics...

Rules for January Week 3

Remember to fuse the smaller section before you start.

  • From the small fused cool color, cut a rough circle. Make it as big as you can. You might just want to curve off the corners. Don't make it round - where's the fun in that? 
  • Remove the paper and press it to the center of the larger square.
  • Back it with interfacing ready for stitch.
  • Using your cool colored thread stitch in rounds attaching the smaller shape in place.

Do you like cutting things up? I sure do and that's what we will be focusing on this week. Here we go:

  • Place both your blocks on the cutting board and cut through the diagonal once. You can stack them to do this if you wish, or cut them separately.
  • Put aside one half of each block.
  • On the warm colored half, chalk in the halfway line through the other diagonal. This is just a guide - DO NOT cut it.

    stitchalong jan w3 rules1
    • From the square corner, mark along the edge (on both sides) the 4" and 6" marks.

      stitchalong jan w3 rules2
    • Chalk in the lines.stitchalong jan w3 rules3
    • Now cut along the lines but not the first original one (only 4 cuts)
  • On the cool colored half, also chalk in the halfway line through the other diagonal from the center of the square. 
    • Also mark in the halfway points along each side and chalk from that point back to the center point of the square.stitchalong jan w3 rules4
    • Cut along all the lines (3 cuts)

That's it for this week. You will have 5 cool color sections and 6 warm color sections. What's up for next week?

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