Stitch Along January part 4

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Have you been following along with the gallery? It's been fun watching it grow. We have one more week to go, but of course you need the rules before you can get started. So here we go....

Rules for January Week 4

stitchalong jan w4 pdfblock

We are going to piece the sections you cut up last week back together. Now that should be fun. But first you'll need to download this template: 

Download PDF

The template is a foundation pieced block. Use it to make a new block using the sections you cut up. The template is marked with the right colors to use. Start from section 1 and build it up to section 16.

Lay the cut up triangles out as they were when you first cut them up. It will make it easy to pick each section in order, just alternating between the two blocks as shown with the numbering below. This will make up the first half of the block.

stitchalong jan w4 rules

For the second half, just use the large triangles to stitch and flip pieces 10 through 16.

Once you have the block finished, layer it (you might want to add some thermal batting for a pot holder), add a little quilting and bind it. Wow one stocking filler made already!

Happy Quilting!

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