Stitch Along June week 1 rules

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I love words games so this month I decided to make a word stitch along challenge. It's a little different than a word game but I hope you join in anyway.

June Week 1 Rules

This week is pretty simple. All you need to do is gather anything you might use for you quilt - fabric (cotton and/or fancy fabrics of any kind), threads, embellishments and fibers that might represent your interpretation of the words...

"Painter's Palette"

Can you think outside the box and come up with something unexpected?

Gather some things together, take a photo and send it in to be added to our gallery page. You'll also need a piece of backing fabric and batting about the size of a sheet of paper.

If you would like to join in, you can send a photo to me: info at (remove the spaces and change 'at' for @). If you blog, send me a link too so I can link back to you with your picture.

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