Stitch Along March rules part 2

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stitch along march choice of theme fabricsWhat a fun week I've had with facebook posts and comments left from voters who were deciding which theme I should use for this challenge. This morning, Sky theme was in the lead and then, out of the blue (no pun intended) Sea theme overtook winning by two votes. Thanks everyone for making a decision for me! I was thinking I'd be doing the sky but now that's changed to sea and I need to rethink, but I can go ahead and cut my strips now.

It's great to see some other entries too. Be sure to check out the Gallery, but remember, you can join in too. It's not too late. Check back here for Week 1 rules.

Rules for March Week 2

Pick one simple object that goes with your theme. For example fish for sea, bird for sky or animal for land OR maybe seaweed for sea, star for sky and leaf for land.

You want a simple object - not too large.

Look for fabrics that will contrast your theme strips cut last week, to make up your object OR you might even look an object to fussy cut out of a print - that makes it easy.

Draw your simple object or find a royalty free outline or drawing of your object that you can use to aide you. Keep it very simplistic.

Draw your shape (remember to reverse it) onto fusible, or press fusible onto the back of your fussy cut print, and cut it out.

Also cut out a 12" x 12" square of backing fabric and batting.

Layer backing first (right side down) then batting on top. Lay your theme strips on top. Don't fuse them and don't stitch them. Just lay them in place covering the batting so the strips overlap slightly. Cut more strips if you need to cover any holes where the batting shows. Make sure the strips are laying all in one direction from left to right (or top to bottom). Don't mix them up.

Lay your cut out applique shape on top. Take a photo and send it in for the gallery. Easy enough right? I cannot wait to see what you come up with.

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