Stitch Along May Week 2 rules

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Have you made your background yet? How about joining in this week. If you missed the rules, you still have time. Just check back and get started with Week One Rules - it's a great way to use up some scraps.

Week 2 Rules

Of course, we are going to add some applique! I have drawn up a basic template that I want you to download and print off. Click the image below for the pdf...

may stitch along w2 rules - template image

Once you have printed it, add some design elements of your own. Here are a couple of examples that could be used.

Prairie Points around the inside arch...may stitch along w2a rules - prairie points on inside curve

A series of dots...may stitch along w2b rules - a series of dots

Don't make it too complicated, just have fun. Once you have added your own elements, trace the entire design onto your fusible webbing. Press it to the wrong side of your dark fabric and cut it out. Use either the grayed out area or the white area for your applique and include your design elements either cut out or floating.... meaning, if you used the gray area for your applique, the dots will be cut out. If you are using the white area, the dots will be floating.

Press your applique shape/shapes onto your background and remember to send in a photo when you're done!

See you in the gallery!

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