Stitch Along November Week 2 rules

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Did you choose the shape you'll work with last week? If you missed the rules, check back here: Rules for Stitch Along Challenge week 1. In the meantime, I have a stack of fabric just waiting to be cut up. Of course, these small projects don't take a lot of fabric, so they are not going to chew through large amounts of fabric, but they do make great little gifts or tray mats. Easy to ship too!

Rules for November Stitch Along Week 2

We are going to have two options this week. If you have chosen one color group, go with option one. If you have two color groups, go with option two. Option two will be a little bit more of a challenge than one.

Option One: Working with one color group

From you scraps of fabric cut short strips any width from 1" to 2" wide and about 7"-10" long.

Join 3 or 4 strips together in a group. Press the strips to one side or open if you prefer.

When you have a group joined, cut it through the center on an angle - don't measure, just cut using your rotary cutter and ruler. It doesn't have to be exactly in the center and the angle does not need to be exactly 45 degrees.

On one of the halves, add another strip. Add it so it is NOT parallel to the first strips.

Make another 3 sets as described above using different strips, different fabrics, any way you wish. Just mix it up.

Now mix up the halves, join them back in pairs twisting one section around so the strips are going in the other direction. Something like this:Rules example for block 1 using strips of fabric

You'll end up with FOUR small blocks.

Add a few more random strips around the outside edges until your blocks are approximately 5" square.

Option Two: Working with two color groups

Cut FOUR strips 1" wide from your "highlight" fabric group. Make them about 12"-14" long.

Join them together and press the seams.

Cut one end on a slight angle, approximately 20 degrees or so.

From the angle cut FOUR 2-1/2" strips. 

Rules example block 2 making diamond sections

Add pieces of your second color around the sections randomly building it up to approximately 5" square so the first color section is slightly off center. Make sure all sides are surrounded with the second color.

That's it. Send in a photo of what you did. I cannot wait to see!

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