Stitch Along November Week 3 rules

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Rules for week three should be lots of fun. You can find the rules for the first two weeks here: November Week 1 and Week 2 rules. Let's get started.

Rules for Week Three

Cut four 5" - 6" squares from your background fabric.

Draw your selected shape (bell, pear or leaf) onto fusible webbing and then apply it to the back of the squares. I suggest cutting a square the size of your background or slightly smaller to draw your shape onto.

Cut out shape without cutting the surrounding area. To do that (and if you want to keep your shape for later) fold perpendicular to the drawn line and make a small snip. Open the fold and poke the tip of the scissors through and then cut around the line.

pear shape cut out of background

Remove backing paper from the main section (not the shape section), but don't discard it, it could come in handy later.

Position one background over each of your pieced blocks, moving it around in to audition the perfect section.

When you have decided on the placement, place on a Teflon sheet and at the very edge of the shape to hold it in position. You only want to press about 1/4" or less around the cutout. 

Now stitch around shape on the background fabric about 1/8 from edge.

Turn to back and trim back the patchwork area.

Note: If you might have enough scraps left over you might join them together to make another block.

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