Stitch Along October Week 2 rules

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So this week, before moving on, you need your two words - one from each list. What you need to do is draw a simple shape that represents those words. One shape for each - separately. Don't be put off by the word "draw". If you need help drawing, go back to last month's challenge and follow through steps 1-3 searching for the 'word' from your list: September week two challenge rules. Repeat that for your second word.

Still need help? Send me an email and I'll send you a template for the two words you select.... but there is a condition here :) I have no problem sending you some templates as long as you agree to complete the challenge and send me a photo each week to add to our gallery <grin>

Make your drawing into applique shapes by adding overlaps where necessary OR make one shape from the outline. For example, if you choose the haunted house, just use the outline of the image for your applique. It just depends on how many fabrics you choose to use - silhouettes are suitable for this challenge. 

Once you have your drawings, draw them onto fusible webbing - remember to reverse them if necessary - and then cut out roughly and press to the back of your chosen fabrics.

ruth blanchet quote "the best designs originate from simple ideas"Did I forget to mention, that you will need two background fabrics? Try to make them contrasting as you'll end up with better results. Of course, experiments are always welcome - maybe you want to keep the backgrounds the same and the silhouettes different. You just need to make something different....

So cut out your applique shapes and press them on to your chosen backgrounds - you should have two blocks, one representing each word. Yes I know, I said we weren't necessarily making "a simple applique", and it won't be by the time you are finished, but the best designs originate from simple ideas. You can quote me on that one!

Once you have your applique designs pressed onto the background, stitch them in place using whatever method you prefer. To make is fast, just use a free-motion stitch or edge stitch. If that is difficult for you, try a blanket stitch or decorative stitch on your machine. Don't be too fussy. Tip: you will most likely need to use an interfacing to prevent the fabric from puckering while you stitch. I like the tear-away press on stabilizer as it stays in place and is easy to remove later.

That's it for this week. I really hope I see some fun Halloween blocks in the gallery, stitched and ready for next weeks challenge rules. I hope you're ready!

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