Stitch Along October Week 3 rules

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Are you ready for Halloween? Let's get a little spooky and cut up your blocks! You can layer the two blocks together or cut them separately.

Rules for Stitch Along - week 3

Cut both blocks up into 1" strips, but first decide.... if you are a patchwork lover or an applique lover. For the latter, you'll want to fuse the blocks before cutting them into strips.

Lay the strips out, alternating them from one design to the other. Do keep them in order otherwise you will have a complete scramble.

witch block with alternating fabric stripsConsider the following points when arranging your strips:

  • Instead of alternating the blocks with each other, try a different fabric or the background fabric (you'll end up with twice as many blocks)
  • How would it look if you used a background fabric for only one or two of the alternating strips
  • What about if all the alternating strips were upside down

For patchwork: Arrange your strips considering the points above and then piece them back together. Press well. Once pieced, it will reduce back to the original size when using 1/4" seams. Next layer your block with batting and backing and consider some quilting ideas.

For applique: you can make two blocks, alternating the strips because you'll have no seam allowances. You can fuse the strips onto a backing fabric or directly onto the batting. Layer your blocks with batting and backing and stitch the strips in place, then consider how you might quilt it or embellish it.

Have fun and see what you come up with!

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