Stitch Along October Week 4 rules

Posted by Ruth on 22 October 2015 | 0 Comments
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The last week's rules for any challenge is always really straight forward. It really is just a matter of finishing it off. Add further quilting if you like, add any embellishment and make these blocks into cushions, a tote pocket or bind them off for a mini Halloween door hanger.

I decided to see how my blocks looked pieced so put these images together to show you.

pieced blocks with cauldron right way up pieced blocks with witch right way up

It is much easier to see the flames when the cauldron block is up the right way (left image), very difficult to pick out the cauldron itself. This just goes to show you how important contrast plays its part. Now if I had just made a block of flames, it may have worked out really well with the witch flying through them.

There is always some learning to be done in these challenges and that's one of the reasons I love presenting them to you.

Remember, finish off your block or blocks, send me a photo, then meet me next week for a new stitch along challenge.

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