Stitch Along September Week 2 rules

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September Rules: Week 2

Step 1: Go to Google and search your focus word from last week.... Click images and select a photo making sure it is public domain or available to copy without requiring permission. Here's is an example for the word Sprouts:

 images showing a search for "sprouts" and where to find the image tab

screen shot of images after doing a search for "sprouts"

Step 2: When you have found an image to work with, download it and print it at page size - you may need to enlarge it to make it big enough.

Step 3: Use a marker pen (like a sharpie) to draw just the outlines. Keep it simple.

Step 4: Transfer the drawn outlines onto fusible webbing. Now draw lines through the center vertically and horizontally, and then diagonally both ways.

Step 5: Press the fusible onto your chosen fabric and cut out the shapes - around the outside and along the lines. You should have at least eight pieces.

Step 6: Rearrange the pieces and position on your background. Note: even though the pieces will fit back together rearranged, you do not have to arrange them as such. Think outside the box... and come up with a different arrangement. Once you are happy with your arrangement, press pieces in place.

Remember to send in a photo of your arrangement.

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