Challenge Rules for July Stitch Along W2

Posted by Ruth on 10 July 2014 | 0 Comments
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Are you ready for week 2 of July Stitch Along? Week one was easy enough, just collect some Christmas items. For the full instructions check back here: July week 1 rules.

Week Two for July Stitch Along

This week is going to involve a little bit of drawing. Don't freak out, it's nothing too difficult. We are going to share a Christmas shape. You want it 4-5" in size and you want a very basic shape. A Star would work if you really cannot draw anything else, but try to be a little creative and come up with something more exciting if you can - just keep it very basic to a one-line shape.

Draw the shape up, either in a graphic program or on paper and send it in (jpg or png image please). We are going to share all the shapes. You'll be using the one you drew and one other, so let's have plenty to choose from.

See you in the gallery!

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