Challenge rules for March week 2

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It is great to see other's joining in the stitch along this month. Be sure to take a look in the gallery.

March rules Week 2

Do you have all your scraps pressed and ready to begin? This week you need to join them together. Just join them randomly, nothing calculated. Pick two pieces up and join them together and press the seam to one side or open, the choice is yours. Here's how:

I started out with a pieced triangle and added a strip to the long side, you start with whatever you wish, a strip, a square, a pieced unit, an odd shape, whatever you pick up!

Press it, then trim off the excess making a straight edge.

Pick up another scrap at random...

... and sew it on that trimmed edge.

This one I cut off on an angle - just for fun...

... and then picked up this pieced triangle, looks like a perfect fit!

Well not quite...

...just a little trimming required to get back to a straight edge again.

This time I might join two strips together to make a longer strip before adding it on.

Now that's added too!

Get the idea? Keep on going until you make a piece approximately 10" x 10". Don't trim it exactly to that, just make it.

If you have a second set of contrasting color scraps, do the same thing again, but this time make it a little larger say 10" x 14". 

I cannot wait to see! Happy Stitching!

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