Challenge rules for March week 3

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Before you start on this week's rules, be sure to check into the gallery and see what's new: March Gallery

Rules for Week 3

Note: if you read my post last Sunday, I actually did this first part of this week, but I will include it again now.

First, you need to make a decision. Either make this project the same size as all our challenge pieces (size of regular paper) OR you can end up with a 12" square block. If you like it, you may even carry on and make more blocks to make a full quilt. The choice is yours. If you want the 12" block, you might need to add a few more scraps on the first set, just an inch or two to opposite sides should be enough.

For the challenge project (paper size): cut from both scrap units the following:

  • ONE 5 1/4" square
  • ONE 4" square
  • TWO 2 5/8" squares
  • From the second scrap unit only, cut TWO 2" x 9" strips

For a 12" block project: cut from both scrap units:

  • ONE 7" square
  • ONE 5 1/4" square
  • ONE 4" square
  • TWO 2 5/8" squares

The following picture shows how I cut out the squares for the 12" block from one scrap unit. Some of the excess around the edges can be used in other scrap units if you make more.

Tip: you may want to spray starch your pieces as you will be sewing along the bias in some places.

Put your FOUR 2 5/8" squares aside for the moment. 

For your remaining squares, you want to cut through the diagonal on each. If you have a seam almost through the diagonal or close to it, turn the square around to cut perpendicular to it as I have done with this square.

Here are my triangles for the first scrap unit (remember you'll only have four triangles if making the challenge finished piece)

Do the same for the second set of squares.

Now, with those 2 5/8" squares, pair them together, one from each scrap unit and join them with your regular 1/4" seam. Do not try to match any seams within each square. Press the seams toward the same scrap unit in both (ie mine are both pressed toward the black).

Next join the two pieces together to make a four-patch block, butting the center seam together and then pressing the seam to one side. This should measure 4 3/4" square.

Pick up the four smallest triangles (two from each scrap unit) and place them on opposite sides of your four-patch.

Sew opposite sides onto the four-patch - it doesn't matter which - match the center of the triangle to the center seam of the four-patch. Notice the triangle will extend passed the ends of the square. Press seam toward the triangle and trim off the dog ears.

Then sew on the other two opposite sides, press and then trim unit to measure 6 1/2" if necessary making sure the 3 1/4" mark on the ruler is in the center of the block.

Repeat for the next smallest triangles sewing with block on upper side so you can see where to sew through the connecting seams. Make sure your triangle colors are rotating accordingly around the block too!

Your block should now measure 9" square. Trim if necessary aligning the 4 1/2" mark on the ruler with the center of the block.

If you are making the 12" Block, go ahead and add the remaining triangles. Press and trim to 12 1/2".

If you are making the Challenge size block, add the two remaining strips to opposite sides.

That's it for this week, unless you can find some other scraps to add, or you had so much fun you want to make more blocks!

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