Challenge Rules for Stitch Along September W1

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In the Southern Hemisphere Spring has begun. Flowers are starting to bloom and everything is beginning to look fresh so this month I wanted to use bright colors. Really bright colors. Will you join me? 

September Week 1 Rules

Select a multicolor fabric that has at least 3 or 4 bright colors, but best if it has 6. Here are some examples of fabric that I have which could work.

Multicolored fabrics

Once you have selected a fabric, you need to add 6 plain fabric from the colors in the multicolor fabric. No more than 6, but if you cannot find 6 then at least 3. 4 or 5 will work too, you'll just have to double up to make up to the six needed.

Here is what I selected for three of the fabrics above.

Six plain fabrics - the two that look similar are actually orange and red.

This set I like a lot.

Six plain fabrics that
really stand out well

This one just has four, so I'll have to repeat two.

Only four plain fabrics so two need to be repeated

One last fabric you'll need and that's a background fabric. Pick a light background so your brights stand out. If your brights are a little light, then you could use a very dark background as long as it contrasts the multicolor fabric as well. Here are some ideas for you.

pale colored background fabrics (white on cream, white on white, pale lime green, pale blue and yellow fossil fern)

Other things you'll need are:

  • A small amount of fusible web (this will be optional)
  • Thread for piecing and quilting
  • Light weight batting or pellon
  • A backing fabric or you could use one of the above fabrics if you have enough
  • sewing machine, accessories and quilting supplies like rotary cutter etc

Collect them all up and send in a photo so we can build a gallery. I cannot wait to see!

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