Challenge Rules for Stitch Along September W3

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How did you get on last week? Did you get your challenge pieced together? If you missed the instructions, check back to my post here: Challenge rules for week 2 (you can find rules for week 1 here)

September Week 3 Rules

This week it is time to layer your challenge piece and start the fun part - stitching, but before we get to the stitching we are going to add one more step.

From your multicolored fabric pick an element to add as an applique shape. It might be circles or swirls, zigzags or straight line, or it might be floral or fauna like mine has.

I could use this fern...


Or a dragonfly...


Or this butterfly...


There are other butterflies too, but this one keeps the design simple.

Whatever you decide, you will need to draw up a template onto fusible or simply cut the shape from one plain fabric (with fusible on) used in your challenge already. If you don't particularly care for the elements or you really don't have a suitable element in your multicolored fabric, feel free to use one of mine above. Which design do you think I should use?

Which plain fabric will you use for your applique? Which ever you decide, cut out the applique shape and press it onto the light area (background) wherever you wish.

For a cheat method, just fuse some of your multicolored fabric and cut out the element as you would for broderie perse.

Then layer you piece with batting and backing. You can go ahead and stitch your applique shape in place.

As an alternative option, instead of adding applique, stitch your motif as a quilting design.  Don't fill in the entire area with quilting though as we'll be wanting to do some more stitching next week.

See you in the Gallery, then it is off to the drawing board for me to draw up some templates. I might just draw all three!

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