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Posted by Ruth on 18 July 2014 | 2 Comments
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Do the weeks go fast or is it just me? I think they fly by as it always seems like I just finished my last week's challenge and another week is upon us. Definitely goes too fast. I'm sure I missed a day or two somewhere! If you missed the rules for the first two weeks, you can find them here: Week 1 rules and Week 2 rules

Week Three for July Stitch Along

This week you are going to do some sewing - finally! You will need your fabric collected in week 1, but feel free to change it out or make some pieced fabric if you only have scraps. For each shape you will need FOUR 6" squares (approximately) - or make them at least 1" larger than the shape you will be creating (from last week). Example: my gingerbread man is 4" x 5" so I need to make my squares at least 5" x 6" (.... so these are rectangles, not squares, but that's ok!) The four squares can be all the same fabric OR two squares cut from two different fabrics each OR all different fabrics (one square of each fabric). 

You will also need TWO 6" squares of batting or the size you are using (1" larger than the shape) - fusible batting would be good to use here or regular batting works just fine too.

Sandwich the batting between two of the squares and then quilt it in anyway you like, just do not make the quilting too large. Keep your stitches reasonably small because they will get cut. If you are using multiple fabrics, it really doesn't matter which you sandwich together - well it may depending what you do next week, but surprise yourself, you really cannot go wrong.

Next cut out the shape you chose last week from your quilted square. You will end up with two of the same shape.

Repeat for one more shape. You can use the same one again if you prefer, but you might try one of the others just for fun. Check out the gallery to see what is there: July Stitch Along Gallery

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  • Kay, you need 4 fabric squares and 2 batting square - makes two sandwiched blocks that are double sided. You cut one shape from each. You repeat that for a second shape ending up with 4 shapes altogether. Hope that helps, if not, email me please.

    Posted by Ruth, 21/07/2014 8:50am (7 years ago)

  • I'm probably just not comprehending, but if I sandwich two batting squares between two fabric squares and quilt it, won't I just have one shape that is double sided instead of two shapes? Thanks, Kay

    Posted by Kay , 20/07/2014 5:02pm (7 years ago)

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