Challenge Rules for Stitch Along Week 4

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How is your Christmas shapes coming along? Did you check out the gallery? You can find the July Stitch Along Gallery here. If you missed last week's rules be sure to take a peak: Challenge Rules for Week 3

Week Four Rules

This week you have an option. Here it is:

1: Either finish off your shapes to make adorable coasters for Christmas. Some shapes may be a little difficult to bind so I suggest just edge stitching them with a decorative stitch. Using a tear-away stabilizer under them will help support them as you work. Here is a coaster I made a while ago, this one has binding - easy because it is round. (check out this blog post to find out how I made this: What do you do with those scraps!)

A bound coaster

2: Or you can cut two slots in the same shape as shown below, one at the top on one shape and one at the bottom on the other matching shape. The slots should be no wider than the quilted fabric which won't be very wide when the fabric is stitched along the edge (the slots in the photo below maybe a little large - see note below). Now edge stitch the shapes around the entire edge, as described above in 1 and slot them together to make a Christmas decoration. Add a ribbon or tie to the top being sure to stitch it to both sections of the shape. You may need to add a few stitches along the slots to hold them securely.

Slots in shapes

PS: I haven't tried the second option yet so you might want to wait and see my outcome. I'd suggest making the cut slot very narrow to start with and then adjust it as needed. You can always take more away, it's much easier than trying to add some!

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