My July Stitch Along week 2

Posted by Ruth on 13 July 2014 | 0 Comments
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This week for stitch along we are sharing templates so I decided to draw up a couple, instead of just one (here is a link to the official rules). I use a program called Art Explosion which is a vector-based program that draws very well and especially great for templates like what I'm drawing today. I also like using Inkscape which is a free vector-based program.

My idea for this week's applique stems from my Christmas cookie cutters. They are ideal for really basic shapes like we want.

Cookie cutters used for applique

I decided the gingerbread man looked pretty cool so I drew him.

Gingerbread Man template

That was pretty quick so I decided to draw the bell as well. This time I played with drawing just half the shape, copying it and flipping it, then joining the two halves together. Makes it much more accurate that way!

Bell template

What shape will you use? Check for more in this month's gallery.


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