My July Stitch Along week 3

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I have to say I have really enjoyed today's stitch along. It was a great time to do some free-motion warm up. Now I'm thinking I could use all my sample warmup pieces to create something like this! Good idea. If you missed this week's rule, check them out here: July rules for week three

I decided on using two of my fabrics. A holly print and a matching gold fairy frost fabric. Since I was only using two fabrics to create all my four pieces I just cut one large square of each fabric - 11" x 11". I also cut the same from a piece of thin batting and sandwiched them together with batting in the middle ready to quilt.

2 fabrics and batting layered

I changed out my threads. Decided I didn't want to use the metallic threads I'd originally selected and chose rayon instead. I figured that might be a little easier to stitch. I selected a dark gold for the fairy frost and a dark green for the print which I wound on the bobbin.

Rayon threads

Then I stippled my whole square, adding in the odd star just to keep it a little more interesting.

Stippling with stars

Here's a closer look.

Stippling with stars closeup

And the back, but you really cannot see it well here.

Stippling on the back side

Next I printed off my gingerbread man and Jennifer's snowflake. I folded the paper in half to cut both halves at the same time - that sped things up a little - then I laid them on top of my quilted square to make sure they would fit. Perfect!

Templates cut out

I pinned them in place so they wouldn't move while I cut them out. I could have drawn around them I guess, but that seemed like unnecessary work!

Templates pinned in place

Now they are cut out, all four of them. If I turn two of them over, I get the print side instead.

Two gingerbread men and two snowflakes

Did you notice, I didn't cut the center from the snowflake on Jennifer's pattern? The reason being, I'm not sure how it will work with what comes up next week so for now I've left them whole.


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