My July Stitch Along week 4

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The last week of July - wow that went fast! I was a little anxious about this week only because I didn't know how these pieces would turn out. At the end of the day, I was having a ball and even made a short video of one finished result. Okay, so I know by the end of this post, you'll want to try these too so here are the links to each set of rules, but really for the instructions you only need the last two. Rules for week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4.

I had my four quilted shapes, two of each and the first thing I needed to do was cut a slot in two of the same. I decided to start with the gingerbread man. First I just made a single cut to the middle of each piece, then I widened the cut to about the thickness of the quilted fabric - about the width of the scissor blade, so not very wide at all. 

My shapes cut and stitched

I used a free-motion zigzag to stitch around the entire edge including along both edges of the cut. I stayed with the same thread color, gold on the gold side and dark green on the printed side, then swapped them over so it was reversed for the second shape. That was just an experiment to see which I preferred. I liked the darker edging when flat, but later when I put the shapes together, I preferred the opposite!

Now I slotted the two pieces together and turned it around to see what I'd created. It almost looks like a Christmas tree!

One side was all gold.

Gold side

The opposite side was the print.

Print side

And the remaining two sides were half and half.

Half gold, half print

I then added a few stitches to the top to hold the four points together in the center and left a long thread as a hanging loop.

Stitched at the top with hanger

To finish off, I attached my holly leaf embellishment which looked rather nice with the print fabric.

Embellishment at end of tie

I think this would look really cool with a tree shape. Sure hope Jennifer gives it a try! And what if, you made three shapes and slotted them all together? That might work even better.

I held it up and watched it spin in the breeze and figured that looked pretty cool so took a short video to show you too.

Just in case you can't view this, you'll find it here

Now I repeated it all for the Snowflake shape. This is not a great photo of the finished snowflake, but I loved how the light was shining as if it was radiating out from a star.

Snowflake rays??

Check out the gallery to see both side by side: July Stitch Along Gallery

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