My June Stitch Along week 2

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Rules this week was to pick a shape, circle, oval or arc. Check out the full week 2 rules if you missed them. I decided on a circle and I figured the easiest method of drawing circles was to find some round objects in the house. That's pretty easy. A water glass, a wine glass (both glasses are different sizes), a lid and a candle. I positioned them all on my fabric made last week.

Ready to draw circles

Then I draw a number of circles of each size to cut out.

Circles drawn ready for cutting

I think I probably have a few too many, but we will see how it goes.

Circles cut out

What was rather neat though, was the piece leftover. I laid it on the background fabric and it looks so dimensional, I guess from the shadows that are forming from the thickness of the striped fabric - remember mine was a block I had with fine batting enclosed so it was a little thicker than normal - maybe an idea for another quilt some time!

Interesting leftovers

I arranged several of the circles on the background and soon realized I needed some smaller circles. I just cut those out by hand without any tracing. May not be totally round, but close.

Circles auditioned on background

I didn't use fusible on the back of this because it was so thick already. I decided just to stitch it down. I knew satin stitch would make it move too much and pucker without something to stabilize it and I didn't want to use free-motion this time, so I opted for blanket stitch. I used pins to hold it securely as I stitched.

Pins needed to secure circles while stitching

My finished piece for this week turned out like this. What fun. It reminds me of multi-colored bubbles. Bet you can't find ones like that in the real world :)

Stitching completed

The gallery is up so check out last weeks going on. Both Gin and Jennifer has sent their pieces in. Where's yours? You'll find the June gallery here.

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    Posted by Darlene, 10/06/2014 10:36pm (6 years ago)

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