My June Stitch Along week 3

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I love when we get to the quilting side of things and this week is no exception. I knew I had to come up with some sort of straight quilting seeing as I used strips in my first week, even though straight quilting is not my favorite! I much prefer free-motion. You can find the full rules for week 3 here.

Then I had one of those ha-ha moments. I could do free-motion look alike straight lines :) I always tell my students that if you are doing straight quilting, then use a walking foot, but for this, the straight lines don't have to be perfectly straight. It's not like I'll be doing stitching-in-the-ditch or doing contour quilting where I need to be perfectly straight in line with a seam. So with that thought in mind, I decided I'd keep with the circle theme of last week's rules and quilt straight lines in the form of a circle.

This is easy enough, I just cut out a circle from freezer paper, discarded the circle and kept the surround. I pressed this onto the background and now I can fill it with straight line quilting using free-motion.

Freezer paper template pressed on quilt

Here is how it turned out. I liked it!

quilted lines

So now I made a smaller template and made a smaller circle.

more circles of quilted lines

Then I quilted more and made even smaller circles.

more circles of quilted lines

I quilted some more small circles to the other side of the applique to finish off. Here's how it turned out.

All quilted lines added

That was fun! I cannot wait to see what everyone else does on their challenge piece. Be sure to check in on the Gallery.

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