My June Stitch Along week 4

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When I wrote up the rules for week 4, I had no idea what I would include on my stitch along project. It was much more difficult than I thought, even though it was only to add an embellishment. Of course, now that I have done it, I can think of a number of different things I could have done! 

I needed to add an embellishment that was not associated with the previous weeks. For me, that ruled out any beads or buttons that were round seeing as for my second week I used circles. I could not use anything that resembled strips (week 1) nor purple (week 3) - which I think I neglected to mention last week that the thread I used was a variegated purple thread. Taking that all into consideration, I still needed to make it tone in with the rest of my project.

My first choice was a square bead, however I felt this was a little large for the project. Even though it was square, it was purple so it really was ruled out regardless of the size.

square bead

Then I found some star shaped beads - although star shapes were not included in week one or two, and really I needed to use a shape that was mentioned - the color wasn't good either.

star beads

Then, I just happened to find some oval shaped black beads. Perfect! Neither "oval" nor "black" had been used in previous weeks.

I scattered some about within the quilted circles.

black oval beads

Then rearranged them, scattering them outside the quilted circles.

black oval beads rearranged

And finally decided to make a trail, weaving in and out of the circles. In addition, when I stitched them on, I made a tiny back-stitch underneath to catch all the layers. I refer to this process as quilted beads.

My stitch along with a beaded trail

So now I have a project with a quilted bead trail.

You can also find this photo in the June gallery. Be sure to check out the gallery again later in the week for other new entries.

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