My June Stitch Along week 5

Posted by Ruth on 4 July 2014 | 0 Comments


Ok, so I got a little bit behind here. I seem to have been extra busy - doing what? Who knows! Well I do but that's another story. You might see some additions to this website and get an idea.

Anyway, let's get on track for our last week of June Challenge. I did have mine finished on the weekend, just didn't post it. 

I was thinking of adding prairie points into the binding to come up with something a little different, but prairie points didn't really fit with the rest of the project so I used the idea but cut circles from my leftover pieced sections, first stitching in a circle then cutting it out about 1/8" from the stitching.

Circles edge stitched

It wasn't going to be easy to add a whole circle into the binding so I thought the best thing to do is add half circles instead. I just cut them through the middle with the rotary cutter.

Circles cut through the center

Then I added them to opposite corners of the quilt away from the existing circles. I think this has really balanced it out and added a little extra interest in the negative areas. It's been fun!

Circles added to the binding in opposite corners

I finished off by adding the binding. You can see the finished piece in the gallery.

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