My March Stitch along week 1

Posted by Ruth on 3 March 2014 | 0 Comments


This month's challenge is all about scraps so I decided to use my bright scraps with blacks. I don't have as many blacks but I'm sure it will be enough. I sorted them into piles - what a clutter!

I have extra brights because I happened to be cutting them up last week and as it happened I had not thrown away the trimmings from the straightening yet. I might just find a need for them too, who knows!

I set to and began pressing my scraps, since they were a bit wrinkled from the box. As I did so, I discovered just what I had to work with.

Pieced units: half square triangles, quarter square triangles and just pieced triangles

Long strips - even some leftover binding strip with a seam - all good!

Ends of yardage that are a little crooked, but still usable.

Squares, triangles and rectangles.

And even some odd shaped pieces.

I pressed them all nice and neat ready to begin next weekend. Maybe I will join a few of those strips together in anticipation...

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