My March Stitch along week 2

Posted by Ruth on 9 March 2014 | 3 Comments


For our stitch along this week, we need to sew lots of scraps together to make a 10" x 10" piece - or there abouts. This is best done at random, without a lot of thought. Better still, with a wine at hand :)

If you missed this week's rules, you can find them here: Week 2 rules.

If you remember, when I posted the rules, I started sewing my pieces together just to show how it was done. This is where I am up to:

Today I added a few more bits...

Then I decided I wanted to add to the end (on the right) to get a little bit longer, so this time instead of trimming first, I just laid the strip on top and sewed it in place.

Then trimmed...

and pressed, after which I cut off the strip ends.

I joined several pieces together to add to the left side, selvage and all, that's okay cause I'll either trim them off later or avoid them when I cut this up again. I did make sure I kept them to the outside edge.

Another pieced strip and a triangle will finish off the other corner.

Now my section is complete... not exactly square but that's ok!

My black scraps are bigger pieces so I might find I don't need to piece them together for what I need - but maybe I will, I'll decide that later.

Be sure to see what's new in the gallery: March Gallery

One Extra Step

I'm going to do one more step, which I didn't include in the rules - only because I needed to test my calculations! If you are following along, you can too, or just wait until next week. I will be adding them in then too.

You need to make a decision. Either make this project the same size as all our challenge pieces (size of regular paper) OR you can end up with a 12" square block. The choice is yours. If you want the 12" block, you might need to add a little more to the sides, just an inch or two to either side is fine.

For the challenge project (paper size) you can cut from your scrap unit the following:

  • ONE 5 1/4" square
  • ONE 4" square
  • TWO 2 5/8" squares

For a 12" block project you can cut the following from your scrap unit:

  • ONE 7" square
  • ONE 5 1/4" square
  • ONE 4" square
  • TWO 2 5/8" squares

Here's how mine looks cut out for the latter with the two larger squares at the bottom, smaller squares at the top and the excess around the sides....

These cut-offs are still big enough to use in the next one I make so they can go back in my scrap pile!

For your second scrap unit you will need to cut out the same as above. In addition to the list above, but only for the challenge project, you will need TWO 2" x 9" strips. 

Have fun and remember to check into the gallery and see what's new: March Gallery

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  • Have my wine and at least a bushel of scraps. Let the fun begin. :o)

    Posted by Barb, 09/12/2014 7:49am (6 years ago)

  • Never too late Julie - join in please!

    Posted by Ruth, 10/03/2014 3:24pm (7 years ago)

  • Is it too late to try this challenge?

    Posted by julie Fetcho, 10/03/2014 2:32am (7 years ago)

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